Rolfing Structural Integration with Minki Kim

Montclair, NJ

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Effective Pain Relief

Skip the pills. Use comforting touch and movement as natural painkillers

Natural Comfort In Your Body

Experience a renewed comfort, freedom, and confident relationship to your body.

Get Your Life Back

Enjoy your hobbies, passions, and interests and cast aside the fear of pain disabling your life as you know it.

Control Over Symptoms

Growing your self-care toolbox will grant you autonomy over the uncertainties of pain.

Helping You Find Success Managing Your Symptoms with Rolfing NJ

Ready to Take Control of Your Pain and Begin Living Again?

You’re probably here because you are experiencing some sort of physical discomfort for a while and have come to discover Rolfing Structural Integration through a friend or some random Google searches and it’s piqued your interest. You’re wondering how it might help you. Or if it works.

How Can Rolfing Structural Integration Help?

Gain a handle on persistent symptoms

You’ll experience a renewed comfort, freedom, and confident relationship to your body. As a result, you might feel:

  • Better, easier posture
  • More fluid movement
  • More resiliency in handling day-to-day stressors
  • More elixir-of-life experiences such as joy, happiness, abundance, health, and wellbeing.

We will work together

We will work together to guide, educate, and quicken your recovery process so you have the confidence to deal and manage your symptoms on your own.

Become your own healthcare manager

Grow your self-care toolbox, and control your symptoms as they come. Rely on yourself, not others for your health.

My Approach

Maybe you’ve been told a million perplexing reasons why you feel pain and discomfort. So you’re fed up with all the differing opinions and want an honest, rational answer. No fluff, no BS. Just what’s more plausible based on the evidence out there.

You want to be treated as a person…. a whole person with emotions, cognitions, beliefs, passions, and fears. You’re much more than a list of diagnoses and symptoms to be addressed.


Read What My Clients Say

“My posture is noticeably better. I feel more aware of how I nurture myself…”

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Ada Coonerty

Court Stenographer

“Minki’s Rolfing massage work has helped to unravel some of the longstanding tension and pain in my back muscles.”

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Justin Reid

“Minki helped eliminate my back pain, increased my flexibility, and improved my outlook on life!”

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Megan Maikoff

Registered Nurse

“It was a success! My husband had a big problem and Rolfing helped him completely.”

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Goran Rukavina


Still Have Questions?

Odds are you’ve been around the therapy carousel, been told many reasons for your aches and pains, and spent more than your fair share of time, money, and energy. I’m here to help. I’m more than happy to answer any of your questions over the phone or in person. Just schedule a free consultation.

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