Minki Kim | Rolf Method Practitioner | Montclair, NJ

You’re ready for a change.


You want to feel healthy, well, and comfortable in your body. Anything that might help.


You’re afraid your pain might change the course of your life. You’re not sure what it all means.


You’re thinking this might be a sign of aging, of decline. Your body feels more uncomfortable than it used to and it’s not bouncing back as it used to either.


You understand the healing power of touch and movement. You want to continue or enjoy your hobbies, interests, and passions again.


You’re looking for support to move beyond your pain impasse and you know it takes leaning on someone, collaboration, and most importantly, taking the ‘lead role’ in your process.


You want someone to take time to listen to your whole story, your experience and struggle with pain. You’re seeking the relief of someone paying attention to you, accurately attempting to be in your shoes, and understanding what you’re going through.

The prospect of comforting touch sounds really good to you, and you believe it will help with any tension, pain, tightness, or general malaise you’re feeling in your body.

Being an active participant in your healing process, you know your actions result in something positive for your body and overall health. You’re open to adopt and practice strategies to overcome and control your painful experience.

You’re also willing to take stock and assess what other life factors might contribute to your pain picture. You realize life’s pressures and stressors compound your existing pain, and you’re willing to make the necessary changes, if they’re helpful.

Ultimately, you’ll come out on the other side feeling like you’re in the driver’s seat, in total control, ready to handle any future pain that comes your way.


Your life is meant for living, not just mere surviving.

My Mission

I commit to staying abreast on strong, reliable evidence to inform my clinical approach. The pain science field has been exploding in the past twenty years and we know far more than we’ve known about pain and how it occurs. We’re learning all the constituent parts of human consciousness which influence how one feels pain in any given moment.

I strive to keep up on these developments in service of empowering you to become your own healthcare manager by maximizing your ‘health reserves’ by offering you healthy opinions/beliefs about your body, movement strategies to deal effectively with pain/symptoms, and comforting touch to calm symptoms down.


  • Currently in pursuit of my Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree – Mercy University Class of 2025
  • Certified Rolf Method/Structural Integration Practitioner – Graduate of NEWSSI (New School of Structural Integration)
  • DermoNeuroModulation (DNM) Practitioner
  • Member of IASI (International Association of Structural Integrators)
  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Binghamton, Psychology
  • 14 years of continuing studies in physical therapy, Rolf Method/Structural Integration, manual therapy, neuroscience, osteopathy, psychology/counseling, and pain education.

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