Does Smoking Cause Lower Back Pain?

Does Smoking Cause Lower Back Pain?

We all know smoking is bad for you but can it be causing your lower back pain? It might sound like a no-brainer but it’s difficult to ascribe a cause-effect relationship here. First of all, beyond serious pathology and an acute injury of the lumbar spine,...
Discs do not slip

Discs do not slip

Don’t take it from me. People a lot smarter than I am are saying these things. It’s a very short video and worth the time to watch. Lorimer Moseley, who’s a pain science rock star and part of the NOI group in Australia which is a resource group at...

Do schoolbags cause back pain?

It is common wisdom that most parents believe that schoolbags cause back pain. But is this really the case? This is a ‘textbook’ example of where the evidence belies common wisdom. The prevalence of back pain in children is high in certain parts of the...

Opioids for Lower Back Pain

This is a loaded topic. Opioid misuse is everywhere. It’s all over the news. The Trump administration has signed a bill to confront the epidemic plaguing us right now. It’s called the Support for Patients and Communities Act.  I believe it’s a step...

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