Pain Resources

Pain becomes a worrisome experience when the person doesn’t understand what is happening, has no control, and puts the things on hold that gives him/her meaning.

Pain, especially in persistent cases, is a cyclical process which definitely can be unlearned. Building up the capacity and resources within yourself and by understanding your pain in the context of your life, you can break this pain cycle.

Below are helpful resources to beef up your control on pain and start getting your life back. I will edit and add more resources that I personally recommend and feel are helpful:

Links to Health Resources:

Free articles and public education related to psychosocial issues which have a significant influence on pain.

Welcome to My Cuppa-Jo
Jo offers first-hand experience dealing with chronic pain and offers heartfelt advice on not allowing pain to stop living life and learning to derive meaning from it.

Cognitive Behavioral Self-Help Tools
Free self-help documents such as a pain management diary, activity schedule, helpful self statements all to help get on with your life. The site is a free wellspring of self help tools.

Back Pain – Separating Fact from Fiction

Understand Your Pain


Manage Pain from a Broad Active Perspective

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