Here’s the second roundup on lower back pain but this time it’ll be centered around some quick facts.

If you haven’t read about the clinical guidelines on lower back pain, definitely read up on it here.

1. LBP is a very common symptom experienced by people of all ages. It is now the number one cause of disability globally.

2. It’s rare that a cause is found for someone’s LBP. It’s a combination of biophysical, psychological, and social influences that can impact social participation, function, and work attendance/financial prosperity. If there is a known cause it’s due to serious spinal issues such as malignancy, infection, vertebral fracture, and inflammatory disorders which only accounts for 1-2% of the population. 

3. Most adults will have have lower back pain at some point, peaks in mid-life, and is more common in women than men.

4. Most BP episodes are short-lived and usually go away on their own. It usually lasts from 2-6 weeks. It’s not uncommon for recurring episodes though.

5. A small percentage end up with persistent lower back pain. The best evidence suggests around 33% of people will have a recurrence within 1 year of recovering from a previous episode.

6. People with poorer mental health are at risk of LBP. There seems to be a link with depression, anxiety, catastrophisation, and lower self-efficacy

7. Certain lifestyle factors related to poorer health such as smoking, obesity, low levels of physical activity are also associated with greater risk of lower back pain and its persistence.

If you know someone who deals with lower back pain, they might want to know some of these facts. Knowledge is empowering.

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