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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rolf Structural Integration painful?
Can it fix bad posture?

Yes and no.

If you have some tendencies towards living in the same position habitually, I can help you relieve associated tension and tone and so that way you feel more relaxed in your body and the postural tension(s) dissipates.

No, because I don’t like to lie to clients and base my approach on hard science. No amount of pressure a human being can produce can alter the properties of another’s structure.

So NO, I cannot physically change the appearance of your bony structure but we can ease persistent tension in the body thereby feeling a natural comfort in your posture. It’s like living in your home with a renewed comfort.

How is this different than massage?

I’m not so sure it’s that different. Both fields are utilizing hands-on treatment to make you feel better.

Stereotypically speaking, Rolf Structural Integration practitioners tend to use slower, more attentive touch which is more conducive to soothing the system.

Whether or not it’s more effective depends on your beliefs on what’s more effective. If you believe ‘the deeper, the better,’ then I’ll meet your expectations here.

Some folks run for the hills when they experience heavy-handed touch. I’ll adjust accordingly.

I use a spectrum of touch – from listening and waiting for relief to happen to a more willful and stronger intense touch. I’ll meet you in the middle and you’re in control of the depth and quality of the hands-on work.

Do I have to work with you in my underwear?

Not at all! You wear whatever you’re comfortable in but I highly recommend loose, casual clothing where I can easily touch the body.

I do ask that you do not wear any lotion or oils the day of your session(s).

Bring hair elastics with you to tie your hair up. If you forget, I've got you covered.

Do you fix issues?

No! You do!

This isn’t a quick fix. No therapy fixes things for you.

You are part of this equation. Your actions matter and how actively involved you are plays a huge part in successful outcomes.

Imagine that your pain/discomfort/tension problem went away in just one session after working together. As much as I’d like to take the credit, it is YOU who had the agency towards solving this issue.

The comforting touch, attention to your words and story, soothing environment, and the novel sensations you feel all tip the scales towards feeling balance, harmony, and wellness in your system.

Your natural healing abilities is what should be celebrated!

How long do results last?

As long as you take the time to take care of yourself by moving, decompressing, living, loving, being and doing, the results should last as long as you’d like.

How often should I come in?

Whether you come in for 5 -- 10 sessions, I highly recommend weekly or biweekly sessions. Of course, other life factors influence your routine, so you can come in at your own convenient frequency, too.

Do you do myofascial release?

Ooh this is a head scratcher. I’ve learned along the way that I and other health professionals do not treat anatomy. We treat the person. Besides, it’s hard to differentiate what type of tissue we are working on. What matters is that it feels good and you’re feeling calm, pleasure, and an inward focus.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, no. It is not covered in the state of NY. However, I do accept HSA, FSA cards offered by employers which are tax-deductible.

 ** Please note that sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other parties. **

Do you do movement and exercise rehab?

Yes! In fact, I prefer to collaborate with clients to see which movements they like to do and create a program/strategy so they can manage their symptoms on their own.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes! All year round. Choose a template design for the holidays, birthdays, or just as a thank you gift. 

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