‘That hurts so good…’

‘Do your worst!’

‘If it means that I’ll feel better, I’ll deal with as much as pain as you dish out’

All very common statements that I get in my practice.

Lots of folks want painful bodywork when they come in complaining about tight/sore/tender spots.

They think what’s causing these spots are adhesions. They think it’s tight muscles.

They think it’ll take lots of force to undo and relieve their ailments.

I don’t have a problem dishing out the deep stuff but the relief isn’t so much that we’re dealing with things on a tissue level.

Lots of research, which isn’t actually recent, is attributing neurophysiological mechanisms for feeling relief. It’s been known for centuries now that if a client receives deep pressure on top of, or near a ‘trouble’ spot, the client recruits parts of the brain that modulate pain and releases our own drug cabinet.

This process is called ‘anti-nociception’ or DNIC (diffuse noxious inhibitory control).

Yes, we make our own painkillers! This is a more accurate explanation of how you feel better after treatment than thinking we’re working out anatomical bogeymen such as trigger points, fascial adhesions, tight muscles, etc. 

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